Friday, December 14, 2007

KWMU story on "stem cell debate"

KWMU carries this story today on the initiative - and the new scientific breakthrough.

Jaci Winship of Missourians Against Human Cloning is quoted about the new breakthrough:
"It's obsolete technology, it's obsolete science from a number of scientists," says Jaci Winship with Missourians Against Human Cloning.

The story continues:
"Somatic cell nuclear transfer is the process for cloning, and if you somatic cell nuclear transfer with a human, which has not viably been done, then that's human cloning," said Winship. "And human cloning in any avenue for any purpose is wrong," she adds.

Winship and her group are trying to fill that loophole by putting another question on the November 2008 ballot. And they're using this latest development to prove that SCNT is no longer necessary.

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